Reflective Journal

Reflection (Self-Portrait)

Reflectieve Journal

The first project in FADPLUS is Self Portraits, and the outcome need to be the photographs that we shoot.

At the beginning, we had a briefing about this project, and we had a task that took some photographs in different focus, which make me more clear about what perspective I can think about when I took the photos. For example, different props, body languages, locations, be absent, framing, lighting, and the physical image. I took the photographs for each of the development tasks, and I combined the emotions with the body language, location, also experiment different kind of framing to see different effects. I think it is very interesting to see place the self portrait in different environment, and I explored the effects of manipulating the printed image.

As far as I concerned, this project not only bring me the knowledge of the photography, and  also give me the ideas to use the photography perspective in different subject areas.  For instance, I should consider what feeling the viewers will have when I put a character in different locations, and when the character have different body language, also what perspectives I can use to create a image communicate with the viewers.

Reflection (Celebrating Archway )

Reflective Journal

The new project of ‘Celebrating Archway’, I was being given a site - Poundworld Archway, Junction Road, where is a supermarket like chain providing homewares, groceries and more at a single, fixed price. So I went to this shop to do the primary research, I took the photographs outside the store, then I went inside to see what kind of goods they have, what kind of people shopping in the store, how they look like, what emotion they have, and I started to find out what are the characteristics of this store. Also, for this project, I will produce a final outcome in a graphic direction.

When I went into the Poundworld shop, I can see lots of different kind of goods, people come here to buy what they need in their life, and I also collected the receipt from the store. I think the first asset of Poundworld shop is it has lots of different kind of things, the second asset is its position has many people pass through everyday.  The third advantage of this store is very cheap, and the fourth asset is it always has sale. The last benefit is shop assistants are friendly. Personally, the characteristics of this store are colourful, because of the goods, and also the big poster of sale information, as well as the variety of goods. So I took the photos of the features in Poundworld, but I still need to use different materials and techniques to experiment based on the images that I took.

For this project, I selected Marcel Dzama, ‘Supermarket Sarah’, and also mark webber as references. I get different kind of inspirations from their work, and I will explore their work later to see how they can affect my work.

0616_2的副本.jpg            0616_2 2.jpg.1

0616_3.jpg.1              0616_4.jpg

0616_1 2.jpg.1      0616_1的副本.jpg

Reflection (Celebrating Archway)

Today I used different medias and techniques to finish the experiment based on the images that I took, and I found out the soft pastel's drawing look stronger than the pen drawing, but when I combined the pen with marker pen, the shadow also the texture also make the visual impact stronger. 

0618_1.jpg      0618_2.jpg

0618_3.jpg        0618_4.jpg

I also finished the mind map to explore my ideas further, I wrote about the assets of the Poundworld shop, the characteristics, also which artist I can get the inspiration from, and they include the typography design also illustration. 

Then I started to sketched the idea of the character design that inspired by Marcel Dazam's wok, also the framing of the poster design. But the materials and the colours still not a hundred percent sure to use which one. I may used the mixed medias and continue the colourful work that inspired in the shop. After that I finished the artist research of Marcel Dazam on the workflow.  


I think today I did well in developing the images into different medias, and I kind of have a idea how to develop my final outcome, which is a poster that about the information of sale, and I will design it become more interesting. I will design more detail of my poster later, and decide the material and main colours. Then continue the artist research to get more ideas.

Reflection (Celebrating Archway )

Today we have a critique for the project of 'Celebrating Archway', and I started to design the detail of the poster in the morning.


But after tutorial, I changed my idea to design a series of illustration for the Poundworld, which are inspired by pop art and some comic book style. When I changed my mind, I went to visit the site again to gather some new research, and it is more focus on the customer in the store this time, and I recorded different kind of people buying different kind of things. After I printing the photography that I take, I started to sketches 5 ideas of the design, and I selected three to develop. I also think about different way of how to put the design outside toe store's window, and I decided to use individual pieces to show the characteristics and narrative of the designs. 

0624_2.jpg                        0624_3.jpg

0624_2.jpg.1                         0624_1 2.jpg

After finished the sketched of ideas, I used colour pen to continue of the studies style that I did before, but it failed. So I tried to develop it on the photoshop, and I take the screenshot of the processes. 


Personally, the final still not professional enough, it looks like the basic ideas of the design, still have a lot need to be improve, such as skills, the line drawing. I think the design of the framing is not satiation enough, I still need to think about how can I combine the typography and the images better, how can I combine the colour more comfort for the viewers, how can the design attract more customer. 

2018-06-24 下午12.45.36.png                     2018-06-24 下午12.45.57.png

2018-06-24 下午12.46.18.png

Then I put my design in the Poundworld environment to see how it work. I think the colour style are very match to this store, but they still need to be improved more professional. 

2018-06-24 下午10.03.20.png


Reflection (Hand Made)

Today I went to printing workshop in the morning, and I sketched the idea of what I want to print. That is about what I inspired by the newspaper's human body. I combined the typography with image to print, and I tried different ways of printing. For example, cutting the shapes of design, using brush to paint, and blocked some colours on the paper, and used the machine to press on the paper. 

0626_1 2.jpg

(cutting the shapes of the design, and put on the plastic)


(first, using brush to paint, then print on the paper)


(block the space of the other colour, also using brush)

Personally, I think the last image that I printed have a better visual effect, because the texture is stronger than others. But the colour of red with the typography still need to be stronger. 

Then in the afternoon, I went to wood and plastic workshop. I did the design of the size and shapes first, then I started to draw on the wood. After that I used a machine to cut the wood into individual piece.


But the wood are still not in detail enough, so I used the other two machines to make them like what I drew on the wood, also I used sand paper to make them more in details. 

0626_1.jpg              0626_3 2.jpg

At the end, I sticked them together by PVA. I think this work is not very successful, because after I finished, I find out at the beginning, I did not draw exactly same size like my sketch design. So the final's shape affect what I want to represent. But it was still good experience to let me try different machines, and different way of working to broaden my ideas. 


Reflection (Drawing)

Today was a new project of 'Drawing', we had a briefing of this project, and we looked through some artist researches during briefing. Then we started to do the exercise of drawing. The exercise are about using different ways, different materials to work on different surfaces. After experiment different exercises, I found out it was very interesting to see how the work are being influenced. I took the photographs also video of the processes and the final vision of the work then printed them out, put on the sketchbook.

0705_3.jpg      0705_1.jpg

0705_2 16.31.55.jpg

In the afternoon, after I finished all the exercise tasks, I started to develop my ideas. I looked through the scale, materials and techniques that I work on today, then I sketched four ideas on the sketchbook. I think I will select one to work on as final outcome tomorrow. 


The idea of the sketches is about figure's outlines and movement, which is inspired by some of the work that I did today, because the outlines show the movement quite well, that is why I want to develop it.

Reflection (Co-Create)

Today is a new project 'Co-Create' beginning, and we work in pair. In the morning, we had a briefing and then we started the observation drawing of partner's 10 objects. After we finished, we performed our own 10 objects, also took some photographs for documenting in the sketchbook. Then we ate the food that we brought, also took the photograph. The last thing that we did in the morning was used our objects to have 5 different set. We separated them by the hard and soft materials, colours, what we often used, sizes, also the same meaning of the objects. In the afternoon was the talked about the draft of Pecha Kucha with partners, and got more ideas of how to improve, how to do the Pecha Kucha. Then we sketched the ideas about how to develop this project, and gather the ideas together. I discussed with my partner about this project what we will do for the final that combined our subject areas together, and it will be a illustration that about my partner designed a clothes for the dolls, so we will went to the stitch workshop, also do some research of the cloth for doll, different style's illustration. Because we need to produce the work in monochrome at the end, we also think about how we can make a better job in black and white.

I think this project is a good chance to work with other that in different discipline, and create a object together at the end. I am looking forward to see the final outcome. 


Reflection (Co-Create)

Today was the session in kings cross, and we had a library also museum session. We got an object in the museum that is black and white, which we need to add it in the Co-Create project. What we got is a drawing that finished by pencil very detail. We decided to develop the final into a illustration book that tell the story of the drawing that we got, and we will add some 3D things inside of the book. Also the book  will work on calico to make the stitching pieces more suit in the book. 


In the library session, we found a children illustration book that has 3D element inside of the book that the viewers can play with. So our book also will has the 3D elements which will be about my partner's discipline, and some small objects inside the book. We decided the format of the book like the folding piece, which looks more interesting. 


Also, today I finished the PPT of Pecha Kucha, but what I will talk about in the presentation haven't thinking very details of every word. I did have a idea that I will talk about my future ambition, which artist influent me, how she impact my work in the past. 

Reflection (Co-Create)

Today is the deadline of the 'Co-Create' project, and on the weekend, my partners finished the rest of stitching. So we started to use the fabric work to make a garment. 

In the morning, we put the fabric in few different positions on the model based on my partner's design. The top of the design combine the idea of Chinese culture. Then we decided to develop one of the designs, and we changed a lot of detail. In the afternoon, after tutorial, we took the photography of a people wearing the garment, and also a short video of how the story represent on the garment. 

0716_1.jpg     0716_3.jpg

If we have more time can develop our project, I think we can work on the details better, to let the garment more suit for the people's body, and take somme better photoshoot. For the window exhibition, we decided to put our design on the model to represent it.

Reflection (Co-Create)

Today is the critique for the 'Co-Create' project, and in the morning, we wrote about the text for the exhibition, also incur group we finished the fashion illustration of our final. We submitted the work on the Moodle.


In the afternoon, we had a critique, and each group can talk about their project for five minutes. During the critique, I saw different groups' work and how they develop to their final, lots of interesting outcome, which also inspire me a lot. When we have critique in our group, I ask the question about how to represent the western culture better that combine with the Chinese culture, and we get the feedback of we can represent it during the photoshoot, because the paddington is already a popular British icon. For example, during the photoshoot, the model and the makeup can influent the way of showing British culture. So we may find a British girl to do the photoshoot in next week. 

Part2 Reflective Review

During this course I learnt a lot of different things, and more skills that can support me to produce the work. For example, in the 3D workshop, I study how to use different machine when I use differnent materials. In the casting workshop make me think a lot that how to represent the nature in the work. In this course, I also have chance to have more than one week that work with a partner that combine our disciplines, then produce some work that I haven’t think before. It was really a good chance that have the cope reactive work together, we communicate the ideas and gathered the ideas together, also help each other to solve the problems. This experience is really helpful for the future too. In this collaborating project I learnt the way of communicate with others, different way of thinking ideas, also some new skills of producing the work in fashion. 

In this course, what interested me most is working in such a environment, and the different workshops let me have chances to experiment more materials. Besides, I feel very enjoyable of the experience of work with my partner in the 'Co-Create' project. However, the most challenging thing also is the 'Co-Create' project that we need to combine the different disciplines, I think the final outcome still not good enough, we may need to have more chances to work with different subject areas too. 

By working the 'Celebrating Archway' project, I am more familiar with which kind of stores that are in Archway, and how are them look like. The most clear understand is about my site that I got, which is the 'Poundland' shop, I really feel how convenient and cheap it is when I shopping in the store for the project. Because of the chance of Pecha Kucha presentation, I can explain myself more also my work. I used the images of what I want to said, as well as the work that I done before to represent my taste of the work and how I work in different project, what I am good at etc.

I work quite independently in this course , because I always manage the time very well, so I work very effectively. From this course, I learnt the new skill that can not did before is using the machine in 3D workshop, and this really help me a lot. 

The appreciation of my specialist area developed more skills than before. For example, different kind of printing that I did in the printing workshop. Besides, knew the materials name of printing at that time.

In this stage, my current goals and aims for the next part of the course are past the Fadplus and get a good grade. Also, for the next project I want to break through myself, not only do the work that are in my comfortable area, but also try something new and something for me that are hard to achieve. 

Reflection (Self-Portrait)

Reflectieve Journal

In the series of images, I chose to take the photographs in such a place, because I want to use this series of image to represent the idea of people struggle in their life, the small space is like the difficulties in our life, and I shoot the hand try to put outside the small space. Then I found out the other angle of shooting from the top, and it looked very interesting. I think I can use this image to combine with the idea of physical image. So I printed the image out, and tried to put in different environment to see how the environment can affect the image. I put the image of hand looks like want to take something or turning the switch on and off. I also put it in the bag, to represent bring the work back to home. The most favourite photos in this project for me is putting the image with the switch. The reason I like it, it is very simple, and understanding.

2018-06-17 上午11.40.17.png0616_2.jpg

The idea of putting the image in bag is developed from ‘The Absent’ image, I took the photos of putting the bag in my house corner into monochrome, for showing the idea of I came back home with tired. 0613_1 2.jpgThen I tried different kind of angles in the ‘Framing’ photographs, and I also cropped the images, so they includes different things. For example, when I shooting from the top, I can see more body of the people, but when I shooting from the front, and cropped the images, I just left the part of hand in the image. personally, the image that shooting from the front looks stronger than the other one, so I can see how the framing affect the visual impact.



During the day of taking the photographs with different focus, I learnt some knowledge of the photography, and I think they can be transferred to my subject areas, to consider the affect of framing, location, body language.

After finishing this project, I tried to develop it into my subject areas, and I worked on photoshop in the filter gallery, I used the ‘Cut Out’ filter in the physical images, and I very like the effect of the filter, because it made the images look like drawing by the computer, and the colour tone of the images are cold but attract.

cut out3.jpg    cut out2.jpg 

 cut out.jpg

Reflection (June 21)

Today I have two workshop introductions, and they are about stitching workshop as well as 3D workshop. 

In the morning, I went to stitching workshop, after the teacher finished the introduction of the sewing machine, we started to try to use the machine by ourselves. Then I tried to make a small bag to see how the machine work. When I came back home, I tried to put it in a environment to see how it can be use, it can use to put keys, card. It also can be use to hang it with people to go outside.


I think it is very useful to learn how to use sewing machine, because it is quicker to work, and also I always use stitching in my past artwork, using sewing machine can be very useful in my future artwork too.

1128_14 2.jpg(The pst artwork that use stitching)

We also have introduction of knitting machine, we learned how to change colour when we use machine, and we tried to knit a small piece by ourselves. I think it is a bit difficult to use that machine, but it is very interesting to learn it.

In the afternoon, we learned how to use different kind of machine for 3D, also visited some space to work in 3D. Then I know more about how to use that machine safer, and I think it is very useful to have this workshop, because I know more about different ways top create an artwork, which can inspire me create some new direction pieces and different experiment in the future. 



Reflection (Hand Made)

Today a new project starting, which is about 'hand made'. We looked through the newspaper to get some inspirations, and I cut some images that inspired me. One of the idea is about different part of people's figure, also different angles. 

0625_1 3.jpg

Then in the afternoon, I went to casting workshop to experiment different kind of materials and techniques. I found some special textures to put on clay with colours, and I think the experiment is very interesting to see the texture. Personally, this material may can be use in my 'hand made' project. I may use it to build part of people's body with some special textures. 

0625_2 2.jpg           0625_1 2.jpg

Then we went to do the vacuum form, I try to use the vacuum former to make the work that combine the idea that I get from newspaper this morning. I used gloves also student card in order to show the idea of people normally do not know who is that when he just see a part of people's figure. So that is why I use the student card to represent the identity. I combined the gloves also the student card together to press the shape by the machine. I chose the colour of orange that is because the work is for experiment, and I think the orange is very bright that can attract people's attention. 


I think the work looks prowerful in both side of the work, the colour is deeper on the back side, and it is brighter on the front side. As far as I am concerned, the work may a bit hard for the viewers to think about that I want to use the gloves to show they are part of the figures, because I want to represent that idea in different way, not just directly use body. 

0625_6.jpg              0625_5.jpg 

Then I use cement to put in the vacuum form, and I need to waited it to dry for about three days, so I still do not know what it will be looks like. 


Reflection (Hand Made)

Today I joined in the stitching workshop to continue the project of 'Hand Made'. At the beginning of the morning, we wrote about the fresh reflection in the sketchbook, also the plan of what I need to do today. Then we used 2 minutes to sketch each idea, in total we had four ideas at the end. I think it was very useful to let me come out with more ideas, so developed my stitching design before. When I went to stitching workshop, I started to use sewing machine, and I did what I learnt in stitching workshop's introduction. Personally , it was a bit difficult to control the machine when I want to sew a circle shape. I think the work is good, because of the orange shadow on the image and also the mess of orange on the typography that inspired by the newspaper. As far as I am concerned, what I need to develop is the skill of using the sewing machine, so the work can looks better. After I finished, I did the sketch my final. The final outcome's colours are a bit different like the design, because I think the orange can work better than red.  


In the afternoon, I went to check the work in the casting workshop that I did in Monday. The cement is already dry in the model, so I take it out and photography it. When I touched the final, I found out part of the work is really smooth, and I really like the shape of the work. Besides, the outlooking of the gloves and student card's shape are very clear, I was really attract by the details off the work, I think it work successfully, and I really like it. The experiment of the casting workshop gives me more ideas of making some work into 3D in different ways. 

0628_1.jpg                       0628_1 copy.jpg

Reflection (Hand Made)

  • What would you do differently if you had to do this project again-explain.

If I have a chance to do this project again, I want to do a different design for the wood workshop that combine with my idea of identity and body, not only represent something that is on the newspaper by different materials. Because, if I do the design for the wood workshop again, that can be more close to the idea like what I have done for other workshop. 

  • Which medium/handmade pieces worked best for your concept/article, please explain why?

I think the stitching piece works the best for my concept, because I represent my idea well in that piece, that combine the image with typography. Besides, it has the strongest visual impact in this project's piece based on the colour of shadow and layout.

  • After seeing your peers work today, how has it made you access your own?

After seeing their work , I know I need to work on the artist research not only in the workflow, but also sketchbook. Peers work remind me to make my idea clearer and deeper too, also connect the project that we did . before can make the work more interesting.  

Reflection (July3)

In the afternoon, I went to the workshop of photoshop, and the teacher talked about the basic tools, also how to put the work in a environment. Then after the workshop, I finished the task of putting the 'Hand Made' work in a environment.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 12.10.49.png

After class, I also went to royal academic to see the summer exhibition, and I saw lots of amazing work that finished in different materials, techniques and scales. I took some photographs, and use a photo to photoshop my work in that environment to finish the task too.

 Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 12.10.59.png

After seeing the summer exhibition, I was being inspired worked on different surfaces and forms. I saw lots of interesting ideas and strong visual impacts' work in that exhibition, which made me learnt more about how to make the work more attractive too.

Reflection (Drawing)

Today I continued the project of 'Drawing', and I selected one of the ideas that I sketched before, and developed it when I started to do the final outcome. 

First I took the brown paper in A2 size, and cut some different size's white paper to sticked on the brown paper by brown tape. I like the broken part of the tape when I use to sticked the paper. I used marker pen and oil pastel to draw the big outline of figures, and started to use oil pastel drew on the one of the paper of the figures. The work is very colourful, and I also added the shadow to the figures too. 

0706_1.jpg     0706_3.jpg

After I finished the whole drawing, I tried to develop it more different in a interesting way. So I took the tape off, and I saved the tape. I put the small piece of drawing with the tape to represent it. I also kept the brown paper to see the effect of taking the tape and paper off.  I tried to put the outcome in different position to see how the light affect the work too. 

0706_3-2.jpg          0706_2-2.jpg

After having the critique, I get more ideas from the classmates and teacher. The tape beside the drawing showing the movement in the drawing, and this bring the processes into the final too. I also get the ideas of the artist research, I can do the research of the artist that about 'waste' and 'rubbish', because my work kind of like do not waste every part of the work.

Reflection (Co-Create)

Today I started to sketch the storyboard, and try to connect the object's story with the paddington. The story will be about the paddington comes back from China, and back to home sitting in front of the window started to write the letter to his mama, tells her what he saw in China. He go to street in china in 1990 and he sees the poster of European and Chinese culture on the wall, then he past a family's window sees what happen in their home, then he meet they are hiding the government to catch them. At the end, is about the paddington on the plane take a certificate of merit from that family for souvenir, and have a little window that is about the family tell the paddington what happen of them. So the story is like the journey of the paddington goes to china.

When I finished the storyboard, I used the heat transfer paints of black to paint the story on the gray paper for later use the hit press machine to press the image on the calico. I also decided the front cover, and me and my partner selected one as the final, I drew on the calico, and my partner stitched the image.


So tomorrow I will continue to paint the story, and use the hit machine to put them on the calico. Personally, there is a lot of detail still need to think about. For example, where to add the 3D elements can be more interesting, and how this work can improve to attract more people's attention.

Reflection (Co-Create)

Two ideas that I have developed with my partner:

1. We developed the Paddington with the drawing object's story.

2. We developed the illustration book to make a fashion design that combine with Chinese culture.

What materials/processes have you used so far?

In our pairs, we used the heat transfer paint to painting for using the heat press machine, and also the process of stitching. My partner also experimented of her designs too. I tried different king of black paint and different fabrics too.

What has been successful, why?

The third time that I used the super black of paint to print on the calico become more successful than other experiment, because the colours become deeper, and the images are clearer.

What has been different, why?

The visual impact become stronger based on the deeper colour.

Today in our group we finished the stitching of the front cover, and different experiment, we also decided to develop the images into fashion design.


Reflection (Pecha Kucha)


Today is the presentation for Pecha Kucha, and my timetable is in the morning. After the presentation I get some feedback from the tutor also classmate, and I realize that I haven't put the credit for my powerpoint, which make the viewers feel very confuse, and this is what I need to improve. Here is the feedback that I get from my classmate.