Collection: Part2 Unit7

Reflection (Unit7)

Reflection (July24)

Today I selected the theme of 'Waste of Plastic Bag', and I did the research for this project in different directions. For example, the policy of controlling use the plastic bag, different art directions that can be develop for this project. I finished some research that I need for the proposal, wrote the project concept and title down, also put the images' sample for the proposal. 

In this project what it be explore is about the waste of plastic bag, the damage to the animals in the sea, and it will be in an illustration direction and combine with the visual medias. Nowadays, there is lots of people throwing the plastic bag in the sea and invade animal’s living environment in the sea. For response to the idea of the plastic bag, this project will have different experiments of different materials also techniques to develop it further. The different kinds of printing techniques can be very useful to represent the ideas, and different surfaces to print can see different visual impacts. Besides, the project may also will have some stitching work that combine with the plastic bag to develop the idea. What will be research for this project are about the plastic bag’s shape, colours, different characters, and what is the plastic bag use for, how it would damage our world, how to make the plastic bag become less harm to the animals. The research also will include the primary research in library and galleries, the books about the pollution and different ways of representing the ideas can help the project to develop. The political in different countries of controlling use the plastic bag also may influent the project’s developing direction.

My discipline of illustration can help the project create some visual attracted work that demonstrate the waste of plastic bag, how the plastic bag damage to the animals in the sea.

I also research the galleries and exhibitions that I will visit for tomorrow afternoon, but I will do some research in the library first in the morning.

Reflection (July26)

Today in the morning I did more researches on the workflow, and I wrote the proposal about the timetable also the bibliography. In the afternoon, I printed the primary research that I did yesterday, and continue different sections in the proposal.

Action Plan:
put the images in the sketchbook, and write the annotation for the primary research

Reflection (July27)

Today I finished the draft of the proposal, and after tutorial, I knew about how to show the ideas clearer when I write the proposal, also how to write the brief of bibliography. I need to also write the artist work in the bibliography to make people clearer why I research him/her. In the action plan, I write about what I need to do next, and after tutorial I remembered I also need to research the animals, so this is very important. 

Today I also put the primary research in the sketchbook. What I need to do next is annotate the images. 

Reflection (July28)

In this morning, I went to the Billingsgate market for doing the research of fish and other undersea animal. I took some photography of them, and on the Monday I will start to use different materials to draw them out, to see which material can have a better visual impact.

Reflection (July30)

Today I finished the annotation in the sketchbook of all the primary research, and tomorrow I will start to use oil pastel also marker pen to draw based on my primary research. I will combine the experiment drawing with plastic to show the idea better. I think I need to analyse my secondary research in the sketchbook, not only in the workflow, so the influence  from others work can show better in sketchbook, and the consistency can be clearer. Besides, the final proposal has already finished.

Reflection (July31)

Today I used oil pastel and watercolour that combine with plastics, for showing the idea of the plastic pollution with undersea animals. I feel the work that finished by oil pastel have a beautiful texture, the watercolour give a feeling of mobility like the pollution in the sea. I want to use the way that combine the drawing with plastic to continue to develop in this project.

Reflection (August3)

Today I finished the work that used coloured pen, coloured pencil and pen to draw the plastic bottles, and plastic bags. I cut them down from the paper and sticked on a plastic bag with some photos of plastic bottle. I think the drawings are not detail enough, but I kind of showing the idea from this experiment. I prepared not to use plastic bag anymore in this project, and in the next week I will join in the printing and stitching workshop experiment more. So on the weekend I will think about what I will create in the workshop.

Reflection (August7)

Today was a workshop day, I went to the printing workshop, and tried to use the screen printing also the press machine to print. I printed on the blue card paper also white paper. I think I will develop the printing work into photoshop, I prepare explored more ideas from these work that can inspire me. The texture in the printing work are very successful than I thought, because when I printed a plastic bag image in the second time, I got the image kind of transparency like the plastic bag.


Reflection (August 8)

Material Workshop

Today we had a practice about touching the materials then wrote their information, and also some cultural message, I think this give me more ideas talking about the materials that I used in my project.


Reflection (August11)

Today I went to Dulwich Picture Gallery to see a exhibition that is about Edward Bawden's work. Because recently I went to the printing workshop and created lots of printing work, I think this exhibition can be very useful for me to develop the project. When I saw his work in Dulwich Picture Gallery, I think his work are simple but in details, and they are consisting of few part of colour lumps. So I was being inspired to consider to just use few simple colour lumps to print when I use the screen print or lino print. 

Reflection (August13)

After tutorial I got more ideas for my project, so I have a action plan for this week.

Action Plan:
Prepare for printing workshop on Thursday, print on fabric and use stitching also cotton to finish the 3D pieces. I will think about what kind of fish will be print, and I think the scale will be bigger than A4, but the printing of plastic bag and plastic bottle will be A4 size.

I think the final outcome of this project kind of like a sculpture that made by fabric, so I will continue develop this project in its direction now.

Reflection (August14)

Today I had a Indesign workshop, and it was my first time use Indesign to work. I learnt some basic skills that can help me work with the poster for Unit7. 

I finished the draft for the poster, I add what text and images I need for the power, and I will check the grammar also what I need to change for the final poster. 

Reflection (August16)

Reflection (July25)

In this morning, I went to the CSM library, and Found some books that relate to my theme-'Waste of Plastic Bags'. I searched about the 'Pollution', 'Plastic', 'Packaging', 'Recycle', 'Environment'. The book that I found make me know more about the policy act for the environment, different way of packaging for saving the plastic, also what would be look like when all the plastic gather together in different spaces.

0725_3 2.jpg     0725_1 3.jpg

0725_2 2.jpg      0725_4 2.jpg

In the afternoon, I went to science museum, and 'Print Project Space'. In the science museum, I saw something that are made by plastic, when I visited the site, I decided to more open of the objects, not only plastic bag, but also other things that made by plastic. I also thought about put the plastic under different kind of light to see through, what will happen. The 'Print Project Space' let me think the environment around where we live also the printing methods. One of the work remind me different angles to create the visual impact. Like the image below, so that can stand out the important elements inside the image.


When I walked in the street, I took the picture of the plastic bag that I saw, and the plastic that I can find in my home. I also put the plastic bag with objects under the natural light to photography for exploring more interesting things for my project.


Reflection (August2)

Today I have a tutorial for the final of Unit7 brief, and after tutorial, I changed the idea of using plastic bags in my work. Because this project is about the negative of the plastic bags, so I decided to use only bag that are not made by plastic in this project.

Reflection (August6)

Timetable for this week:


In this morning, I went to the stitching workshop tried to use knitting machine to make the net-open bag, but I tried different ways to use knitting machine, and different kind of threads still didn't work. Then I tried to use my own work to make one, but I think it also didn't go well. So in the afternoon, I first put the samples that I done on the sketchbook, then I want to collect the net open bag in this week and stitch them together to be used, I think this can work better.


Reflection (August9)

Today I work on the printing work that I did before, and also combined them with net-open bag packaging as well as plastic packaging. Then I developed two designs from the work that I did today. For tomorrow, I can turn the idea development designs that I did today to the prototype. So tomorrow I will produce a workshop final to see how this project going.

Reflection (August 10)

Today I finished two idea development of final view, but one of them is not very successful, which make me decide not use knitting to make the net-open bag anymore. I will use the actual net-open bag packaging to develop the work. So for achieving the second idea development, I use the net-open bag packaging.

0810_2 copy.jpg

This image is first idea's final, and the printing work inside are being worked on photoshop then malaxated them as balls. But the knitting work also the shape of images make the viewers can not see clearer what the images are about. I will improve into use actual net-open bag packaging, and try to experiment what will be the work look like when the images are in "ball" shape also flat in the actual net-open bag packaging. 

0810_1 copy 3.jpg

This image is about the second idea's final view, and it is about plastics around undersea animal's living environment. I will use bigger bag to make the fish looks like being packaging in the net-open bag packaging.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 14.55.39.png            Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 14.55.58.png

These printing work are what I work on the photoshop, and in the next week I am thinking about the idea of develop the some painting work that the under sea animals and plastics are in same painting, then combine them with the net-open bag packaging. I may still work on printing or watercolour that combine with coloured pencil.